Pioner Trade deals with trading of packing and construction materials, chemical products.
A major transportation and shipping company with a comprehensive range of services in sphere of cargo transit.
Manufacturing and supplies of chemical additives for concrete, cement, lubricants, frame cleaners, etc.
An internationally acclaimed manufacturer of flooring and setting.
Krasnodarzernoprodukt Group deals with grains and oilseeds, their storage, processing, logistic and trading operations.
ZAO Murom is a manufacturer of plywood and particle board, wholesaler of own-produced cabinet and soft furniture.
A major metallurgical complex in Russia, and one of the largest in CIS.
AO Koelgamramor established itself as a leader in white marble production and processing  in Russia.
OAO Tuymazytechuglerod was found in 1957, and it is one of eight Russian companies, manufacturing technical carbon for resin production.
USA transnational company, one of the world leaders of consumer products market.
Obninskorgsintez deals with antifreezing agents, motor oils, lubricants, and other automobile special liquids.
A major chemical industry enterprise, a sodium sulfate manufacturer.
The Renaissance Cosmetics is one of the largest companies  in the area of household chemicals and cosmetics beyond the Urals.
A transportation and shipping company Lomer Point Bridge provides high quality service in transportation logistics area.