Liquid cargos transportation

ISO container is a multi-functional facility, which allows to deliver liquid cargos to any place in the world easily, promptly and safely.

ISO containers usage allows to exclude cargo transshipment on the border, when delivery goes on export/import, consequently the cargo doesn’t get any damage and you get just as much cargo, as your supplier shipped. Besides, you get an advantage in costs of transportation.

ISO containers can be delivered to any port by container carrier with a further transportation to place of shipment/delivery, for shipment of hazardous/non-hazardous chemicals and other liquid bulk cargos:

  • liquid bulk cargos of food industry (alcohols, juice concentrates);
  • fossil fuel (butane, propane, mixes, liquefied petroleum gases e.t.c.);
  • petroleum products;
  • chemicals:
    • all kinds of lackers and dyes,
    • acids,
    • caustics, salts

Depending on type of cargo, requirements for transportation and hazard class, we pick the corresponding ISO container.

We own:

  • container platforms 40, 60, 80 feet
  • trucks, carriages
  • ISO containers fitted with upflow/underflow and stem blanket

LTB company has direct contracts with CIS railway administrations, operators and largest forwarding companies of Europe and Asia, that allows to offer a reliable service and favorable prices.

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Head of container department
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Container logistics manager
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Customer Service Manager
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