Truck transportation

LTB is an up to date, progressing shipping company, which deals with truck, rail and sea transportation.

It is a truck transportation which provides the best possible quality- price -time balance to a customer.

Truck transportation is one of the most popular ways of cargo and goods delivery. It is the way, which provides the best possible quality- price -time balance to a customer. We arrange international deliveries involving any type of truck and provide truck transportation of any quantity and type worldwide.

What we can offer for international truck transportation:

  • Selection of the best route;
  • International truck transportation by separate trucks: from 40 to 120 cubic meters;
  • International transportation of consolidated cargoes: from 0,5 to 82 cubic meters;
  • Transportation with temperature conditions maintaining;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (ADR);
  • Drawing up of accompanied documents;
  • Cargo insurance on the route in the international transportation process;
  • Customs registrations of cargoes in the Russian Federation territory;
  • Provision of warehouses

LTB Company practices truck transportation from almost any Europe country. We will help you to deliver goods from the Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark), Western Europe (Ireland, Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Australia), Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Italy), Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine), Baltic nations. Along with it we provide both export and import.

LTB Company provides a wide range of fast and well-trusted services in the field of international truck transportation. Over years of work we have gained a solid experience in this field, made long term agreements with trusted partners-transport operators. We aspire to improve the quality of our service and widen its range constantly.

We offer a variety of advantages, which let us offer better truck transportation terms to our customers.

  • Having established transport logistics system and proven routes we guarantee delivery of your cargo to any place in short time;
  • Compliance with a deadline, set in the customers agreement;

Every delivery is led by a personal manager, who tracks the delivery process from the place of shipment to its final destination.

Contact to manager

Subbotina Anastasia

Senior autologistics manager
8 (3852) 50 62 88, ext. 1420
: 8-961-230-39-88

Artem Vukkert

Head of automobile department
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Anton Rheingold

Automobile logistics manager
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