Warehouse services

LTB company has a solid experience in storage of different cargos with a constant goods state control and storage conditions.

Storage of cargoes is a difficult and complex task, because safe warehouse services should include a constant control of the goods state and conditions of its storage. LTB company has a solid experience in a warehouse storage of different, sometimes specific cargos, that is why our personnel quality, warehouse specifications and facilities completely correspond our tasks.

Safe custody of a depository for goods on the territory of our warehouse goes on ground of custodial service agreement, which contains full obligations of our company to the client, starting from the goods transportation to the warehouse, and finishing by batching to the lots and shipping to the place of destination.

Any company, dealing with manufacturing or trading of goods, especially oversized, can face a serious problem of the cargo storage. If you trust us to do it, we will relieve you from the necessity of warehouse lease and large personnel, like loaders, guardians, and checkers supplies.

LTB company offers its partners services of storage in warm and cold warehouses, and also on open area which is more than 3000 sq. met. Favorable location of our warehouses in the very center of Russia (Altai Krai, Barnaul city) allows to use them as a terminal for the cargos shipped from CIS countries for the further delivery to any place of destination.

Safe storage in our warehouse includes goods storage control, factored in issue date and shelf life, inventory auditing and stock accounting, marking and stickering of certain lots, cargo scaling and weighing. Storage works are constantly controlled; warehousing is attended by special documentation maintenance, which can be requested by the cargo owner for review at any time.

Safe storage is a priority activity for our company, and it is vital for our partners. Storage services demand not only large warehouse areas, but also a correspondence of storage facilities to the certain technical standards, and also usage special machinery for processing and keeping of the cargos, which can be quite expensive. LTB company has all the resources, which allow to deal with safe storage of your goods, starting with special machinery, and to outstandingly qualified and responsible action of personnel.

Safe storage in our warehouse keeps the highest safety for the goods, with a constant control of conditions of warehousing. An essential condition is every stage of storage, batching and shipping control, without which warehouse services cannot supposed to be complete; LTB company deals with safe storage on the highest level.

The price list for storage services is approved for one year, so the prices do not go up within this period of time. According to his preferences, the client can choose storage in closed or open area; thereby the price is approveв individually for each client, depending on place, volumes and terms of storage. We can offer hand or mechanized loading, the price of this service depends on the volume of the cargo.

Our warehouses

Saint Petersburg
ZAO Sovmortrans
Saint Petersburg, prospect Marshala Zhukova 15/12
Novorossiysk, rayon pervoy zh/d petli
Novomoskovsk, ul. Novaya 1
Krasnodar, ul Topolinaya 1
Orenburg, ul. Donguzskaya 62a
37 Obninsk, Tolstogo 37
Novomoskovsk, Severnaya Sovetskaya 24/Svyazey 7
Novomoskovsk, Komsomolskoye shosse 72
Shelkovo, Vokazalnaya 1
Orekhovo Zuevo
Orekhovo-Zuevo, Likinskoye shosse 22
Ekaterinburg, Sysertskiy rayon, pos. B. Istok, ul. Pobedy 2
Pioner Trade
Barnaul, Zapadny razyezd 6
Barnaul, Malakhova 1/1

Contact to manager

Andrey Lebedev

Head of warehouse department
8 (3852) 50 62 88, ext. 1151

Naumov Roman

The leading logistician
8 (3852) 50 62 88, ext. 1161
моб: 8-961-234-56-66

Semyon Mingaleyev

Warehouse logistics manager
8 (3852) 50 62 88, ext. 1151
моб: 8-913-276-9977