Rail transportation

Rail transportation is one of the most advantageous types of cargo transportations.

There are many advantages like:

  • Reliability and safety
  • Competitive delivery speed
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Competitive price for rail transportation

LTB Company provides a whole range of rail transportation services, including direct delivery of all types of cargo from China to Russia, China internal transportation, delivery of imported goods to the central parts of Russia and Western Europe.

On the rail transportation services market LTB Company has established all rail transportation processes, moreover we are striving to improve that. LTB Company deals with loading processes, delivery to the dispatch station, cargo storage on retransmitting stations as well as labelling, packaging, warehousing and unloading of cargo by itself.

A vast branch network all over the country, solid working experience in rail transportation, well experienced and competent staff, and well established routes let us offer the best solutions for a very demanding customer.

LTB Company provides import/export cargo forwarding services in the territory of Kazakhstan and other countries of Central Asia. Special attention should be paid to the Chinese import through the Dostyk Station export/ Alashankou. Having separate contracts with National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, JSC "Kaztemirtrans", JSC Russian Railways, we can offer a full range of forwarding services at first hand leaving our brokers, which affects the final rate positively.

What is more LTB Company perform carload transportation from the Barnaul Station. Owning warehouse complex with railway siding we offer rail transportation of various cargoes not just in the territory of Russia but in countries of Central Asia.

Smooth cooperation with JSC Russian Railways and foreign rail carriers as well as with big owners of rolling equipment, let us insure in time rail delivery to any station as well as best prices for rail transportation.

Among others LTB Company provides other services:

  • Providing all-purpose vehicles
  • Arranging cargo transportation in special terms
  • Cargo forwarding in the territory of Russia, CIS and other countries by rail, sea and  mixed transportation with rate payment
  • Terminal handling and custom cargo clearance on railway stations and border terminals
  • Assistance in transit and export plan providing
  • Coordination of plan changings in making up train plan
  • Monitoring, insurance, consulting service

As may be required, we can arrange cargo delivery to the dispatch station, owning truck fleet we will save time and money of your company.

Due to great choice of cars fleet, we can deliver any type of cargoes (packaged, bulk and liquid cargo, insuring its safety on the whole route) 

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Head of railway department
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Railway logistics manager
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Railway logistics manager
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